Why Anti-Inflammation Foods Fills-Up your Grocery Pushcart

To fight inflammation through foods increasingly becomes the main health concern. Researchers and physicians say that for good reason, inflammation is considered everything from acne and bloating to life-threatening diseases.

Thinking about why the body produces inflammation may seem an opposing perceptive to those who want to find foods that fight for it. In spite of everything, inflammation is considered a built-in defense of the body against invading viruses and bacteria and injuries. But there’s such concept as surplus inflammation where diet is the one who will play a major role in preventing it.

Deborah Barrington, Industry Dive senior editor said that inflammation-fighting foods and ingredients are expected to grow in the market by 2020 by 7% and expecting that year 2017 is a big year for latest product announcements and continuous development and research.

Inflammation of the body is when the immunes system fights off severe encounter against chemicals, microbes and other harmful foreign bodies. Due to this, symptoms will occur such as headaches, loss of appetites and pain. To prevent such symptoms below are the healthy foods you’ll be using in your daily life.

7 Healthy Inflammation-Fighting Foods

1. Kale – This green leafy vegetable is one of the most talked recently that consists of high Vitamin K and antioxidants that is helpful in fighting free radicals causing inflammation. Spinach, collards and Swiss chard are also green leafy inflammation-fighting foods.

2. Blueberries – Start off your day with blueberries- a healthy inflammation-fighting food rich in antioxidants. Blueberries contain antioxidants known as quercetin that helps lessen inflammation and oxidative damage. Research proved that it also contains an antihistamine.

3. Salmon- Freshly caught salmon guarantees a delicious meal and serves as inflammation-fighting food. Aside from salmon, tuna and mackerel are rich in omega 3, important in decreasing the risk of heart diseases caused by inflammation and improve brain development, digestive processes, and cholesterol levels.

4. Ginger – Ginger has gingerols that happen to have anti-inflammatory property adding flavor to your dish and soothes an irritated throat. This inflammation-fighting ingredient helps in relief for nausea, lowers blood sugar and manages arthritis.

5. Coconut Oil – Olive oil and virgin coconut are the most well-known choices that are known to have inflammation-fighting properties. Coconut oil contains capric and lauric acid helpful in fighting toxic elements caused by inflammation most especially in diseases like arthritis. On the other hand, olive oil is rich in oleic acid that helps reduce the risk of heart diseases caused by inflammation.

6. Garlic – This ingredient is packed with nutrients and antioxidants and rich in sulfur compounds helps in boosting the immune system that reduces inflammation. These nutrients and antioxidants also help prevent hypertension by managing the blood pressure level. What’s more impressive is that garlic as well contains Vitamin B6, manganese, vitamin C and other nutrients source of antiviral and antibacterial properties.

7. Green Tea – This green tea has flavonoid, a rich antioxidant essential in reducing inflammation. Flavonoid lowers the risks of liver diseases and breast cancer as well as lowers cholesterol levels.


Remember though that adding inflammation-fighting food in your diet, it is also essential to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle to prevent the risk of inflammation. Expect to witness food brands capitalizing the buzz this 2017 and the coming years.