Pros and cons of current health care system in United States

Medical care is a basic need for all humans. The state must ensure access to health care to all its citizens without discrimination. In the United States, health care has come a long way. Many people could not access medical care during colonization for lack of qualified British doctors. During the US civil war, the federal government and state governments built hospitals to take care of soldiers. As time passes by Unites states continues to improve its health care.

The current Healthcare was as a result of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2010. The Act seeks to address issues brought by private, for-profit insurance companies. These companies had left many uncovered because they did not afford or had pre-existing Conditions. The system has come with pros and cons as discussed below.

Pros of the current health care in the United States

1. Equal access to health care

No human life is greater than the other. The rich and the poor equally get sick or die. In all the societies the rich have access to health care more easily since they can afford. The inability of poor people to get medical attention has increased mortality rate drastically. Universal Health Care system helps the less privileged people in the society to access medical assistant anytime. These systems ensure access to essential medical assistant to all citizens without discrimination. Hence, equal access is the major advantage of universal healthcare system.

2. Improved Public Health

In this health system, the cost of health spreads to the entire population. Universal healthcare has lead to a reduction in the number of illnesses affecting the general public. Treatment of common diseases cubs spread of infectious diseases. Also with accessibility to screening and vaccination of diseases like tuberculosis and cancer diseases are prevented and detected at an early stage. The treatment creates healthier people and boosts economic growth.

3. Saves time

Universal healthcare has put all citizens under one insurance cover. The cover is definite hence no patient will have problems with an insurance company. Therefore, doctors will spend most of their time attending to patients. Patients save the period of queuing to verify their policies. Insurance businesses and citizens understand the system well, saving time for civic education on the need for medical cover.

4. Stop Medical bankruptcy

Past insurance policies covered medical to a certain amount. In that case, Most people end up bankrupt because of medical bills, even those with health insurance policies. Universal health system helps all unlimited access cover to all illnesses.

5. Encourage Entrepreneurship

According to Kauffman-rand Institute for Entrepreneurship Public Policy, comprehensive help care will promote Entrepreneurship. They further stated that most people cling to employment to avoid losing insurance cover offered by their employers. With this health system, many citizens will move to self-employment. As a result, the United States will increase self-employment by 2 to 3.5%.

Cons of current system

1. Lead to as socialism state

The government will have to raise taxes to all citizens for it to pay for these services. To make sure all citizens pay taxes the government may be forced to control the distribution of goods and services. Controlled movement of commodities would turn the United States into a socialist state.

2. Rationing due to medical abuse

With easy access to health care, some people will seek care with conditions that don’t require medical attention. These kinds of individuals will burden the system unnecessarily. The government may adopt rationing of medical services as seen in countries like France, Canada among others.

3. Reduces competition and innovation

Universal care eliminates competition in the industry as the pay is similar across the board. The system closes money incentive in the practice which may cause a shortage of doctors in the long run.

In conclusion, there is no system of health that is perfect. The universal medical care has come with its advantages and disadvantages. Some players stand to gain from the system while others stand to lose. More research should be encouraged to improve any Medical health system and benefit more stakeholders.


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Pros and Cons of Universal Health Care