Top 5 Health Documentaries That Can Change Your Life

With an increasing concern on public health, there a huge number of films being made on this topic. These documentaries show many of the problems facing the world today and attempt to offer a solution or explanation. Since not all documentaries are created equal though, these are the top five ones that you’ll want to watch.

1. Food Matters

This public health documentary discusses why food plays a role in our health and how much good or poor nutrition can impact our lives. From pesticides, GMOs, pharmaceuticals and much more, this broad documentary covers how the public can learn more about the quality of the foods that they eat and how to tell the difference between real solutions and food “fads.” It’s both entertaining and engaging while offering real-world solutions.

2. Sicko

This 2007 documentary by Michael Moore investigates the state of health care in the United States today. Its primary focus is health insurance and the pharmaceutical industry. Comparing the system in the United States to other countries such as Cuba, France, and Canada, the film is an interesting look at varying healthcare systems.

3. May I Be Frank?

While some documentaries discuss broad health trends, this documentary is interesting because it focuses on one person. The public health film follows an obese man on his journey to a healthier weight and lifestyle. During the journey, viewers also will get to see other changes happening in his life. Surprisingly funny, this documentary takes a good look at the personal effects of obesity and how people can change their lifestyles over time.

4. Food, Inc.

This documentary takes a look at the food industry from a corporate perspective. The film shows the history of the American diet and how it has changed over time. It also takes a look at what goes on at the largest food companies today and how they’ve hidden the ingredients in foods today. The end result is a greater understanding of how food is important and how to make better choices in your personal life.

5. Cowspiracy

Did you know that it takes over 2,500 gallons of water to produce just one pound of beef? Animal agriculture is responsible for a significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions but it continues to be a thriving business today. The documentary reviews the environmental impact of animal agriculture and how it has failed to be a sustainable system for food production. The documentary also looks at why environmental agencies haven’t been more vocal on this problem and the role of politics in agricultural recommendations. Anyone who is concerned with decreasing their carbon footprint may want to view this film.

There are many great public health documentaries produced and released every year. It would be impossible to watch all of them but these are some of the best choices. From lifestyle choices to agriculture, you’ll learn something from each of these films. It’s a good idea to keep up-to-date on what’s happening in the world and public health documentaries are a great tool to stay educated on public health concerns.