Why MAPS is the solution to PTSD

MAPS is a nonprofit organization whose initials stand for Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies that funds the research on MDMA. This research is meant to help and assist veterans suffering from PTSD. MDMA is the important ingredient that is found in Ecstasy. However, it is very difficult to get pure and real MDMA on the streets or in corridors.

For veterans willing to participate in the study and research process, they are required to meet various requirements. The veteran needs to have undergone a long treatment by the VA who will offer him every antidepressant or anti-anxiety drug known to man without getting any better.

It is important to note that this psychotherapy process takes three months. Before the first MDMA session, there are a number of non MDMA psychotherapy sessions. The reason for this non MDMA psychotherapy sessions is to offer the patient and the therapist enough time for them to get to know each other and create initial trust between each other. These early sessions are important as they set the rules and groundwork for the MDMA sessions. During these sessions, the patient can ask questions on what to expect during the session and how to control their own experience. The patients selected for the MDMA session, only take it thrice under close supervision.

It is important to note that there are no big pharmaceutical pills that you take thrice every day for the rest of your life. The MDMA drug has a very good safety profile as it is out of patent. This means that the drug company gets no money from it.

During this process, the patient and the therapist have the in between sessions and also after sessions. During these sessions, the therapist and the patient talk about and address what came out during the MDMA sessions. It is worth noting that all psychotherapy sessions done in this process are all very essential to the healing process.

The discovery of this treatment is the best thing that has happened for the people suffering from PTSD as they can now get over their depression and lead a normal life.

During an early study undertaken by researchers on a number of women suffering from PTSD brought about by sexual trauma adding up to eighty-three percent of the total proved that they had no symptoms of PTSD after four years. This was after completing the MDMA sessions. This was an incredible improvement in the study and therefore led to the FDA approval of the phase three trials.

This information comes as a cloud of hope for many people suffering from PTSD and has enrolled in these process. If these trials are successful then this psychotherapy process will be an approved treatment for people suffering from PTSD.

These MDMA sessions build on one another. They will take you from the outside influences of your life to your inner psyche. During the first treatment, you will experience anxiety as the drug gets into your system, but you should not be worried as you will have the therapist there with you to guide you all the way. She will help you to calm yourself and let the drug take control as you get into an amazing euphoria where you are in complete control at all times. The therapist will guide you all the way as you let the medicine do its work.