5 Health Care Trends That Are Changing The Industry

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With the daily breakthroughs being made on all technological and scientific fronts, new products are coming out every day, many of which are expected to make our lives much better and easier. That is especially in the field of healthcare. Here are 5 products that are changing the healthcare industry:

1- The Zzone Sleep Solution.

When we face trouble sleeping one night or find ourselves in a battle with chronic insomnia, we start looking around for some form of sleeping aid. This aid is either a natural form like watching something, reading, listening to music, etc., which is not always effective especially serious cases of insomnia, or sleeping pills, which are not the healthiest way to sleep, especially if you get these nights often, let alone their addictive effects.

That is why the Zzone is considered a breakthrough in that area because it only relies on a music CD to get you to sleep. However, it is not like putting anything into your music player. These particular music tracks serve to reduce the beta waves which are available when we are lying sleepless in agitation. That not only works with ultimate effectiveness, it is also free of all the addiction and health issues sleeping pills could leave you with.

2- Skin Smoothing Laser

This innovation is expected to take us off the tons of cosmetics being used at the time to heal wrinkles and fight signs of aging on people’s faces, and which do not so often work effectively.

Pulses of this laser are directed through a device towards the layer under the surface of the skin, which is responsible for the formation of wrinkles, promoting the generation of new collagen fibers, thus strengthening the structure of our skin and reducing the wrinkles and lines. By daily use for a specified period of time, this laser will enable people to treat their skins from home without any need for visits to the dermatologist.

3- UV Natural Sunscreen.

Another skin-related innovation is this combination of natural elements that will help us lay off the huge amounts of chemicals we soak our bodies in every time we use Lumo Lift :

This product is very simple yet can manage to remedy something we are all struck by in the age of smartphones and long hours on the computer – a slouchy back posture. This issue tends to advance into more severe back and neck issues, and many of us use various methods to try and stop ourselves from this slouching but end up failing.

This product is basically a small device that you attach to your back under your shirt, and whenever it senses an unhealthy posture, it vibrates to alert you to straighten your back. It is also connectible to smartphones because obviously, they are one of the main causes behind our bad posture.

5- At Home Nurse and Mobile App At Home Doctors:

This is an interesting new development due to technology. Many sick patients have been able to connect with doctors and an at Elder Care professional through mobile apps and service providers. This is great because it pushes out government involvement in health care and opens up the free market to more competition. This way people who otherwise couldn’t afford health care have far more options available to them and can get the care they need at affordable prices, very interesting to say the least.

6- Mark for Life:

With breast cancer becoming a more and more ominous threat, this t-shirt will offer ladies some safety. Because many women do not go to get themselves checked so often due to work pressure or various responsibilities, this t-shirt could help them perform their own checks at home.

By wearing the t-shirt 3 to 5 days after the period is over, a woman could sense the lumps that could be forming by the special pattern on this t-shirt. This is done using a wash-proof pen, with which you could mark on the suspicious spots to check on a month later. This could be a source of early alert for many women which can tell them that they need to seek professional care.