Potential Pandemics in 2017 and Beyond

A pandemic is a kind of new disease that gets spread worldwide suddenly. For example an influenza pandemic is caused when there is a new influenza virus that emerges and gets spread globally. This affects many people as most people suffer from lack of immunity. As per historical events, most pandemics have originated from viruses from animal influenza. Sometimes influenza pandemic might have some aspects similar to a seasonal influenza and sometimes it might not. Here are 3 scary diseases that have a possibility to become Pandemic :

1) The Flu – Everything about this old fashioned disease is scary. A new kind of flu comes about any time and that becomes deadly for the entire world. As per experts, the next most widespread pandemic that might occur is through a virus that mutates swiftly or might be able to recombine elements of the same genetic material and replicating the same through the process. So technically, this virus would be quick in adapting, would be a smoothly evolving organism, one of a kind that can survive in an unknown ambience, in the human body, which is the host. There are many diseases that might have the same criteria, but the one topping the list is the seasonal flu. Influenza is a communicable respiratory disease that can be severe or mild, and might even lead to death. It happens due to viruses that affect the lungs, throat and nose.

2) Superbugs that are antibiotic resistant – these are bacteria commonly known as superbugs and are pretty new in the list. The typical characteristic of this bacteria is that, the medicines prescribed by the doctors do not have an impact on them. These superbugs cause an infectious disease to which even doctors don’t have a medicine to prescribe. Then the human body has to fight by itself. These types of bacteria are becoming increasingly common and some of these bacteria have already become resistant to various medicine classes. Simple diseases like a scratched knee and strep throat can also result in a deadly disease.

3) Chagas Disease : Chagas occurs due to a parasite called Trypanosoma Cruzi that is bore by insects and transmitted into people and animals, and is specifically found in America. So, another name for Chagas is American Trypanosoma. This disease is common amongst the rural lands of Latin America, where everywhere that one looks, there are signs of poverty. The most challenging part of Chagas is, its initial symptoms are malaise and fever. At times there are red and swollen areas, in places of the human body, like it happens in case of an insect bite. Post this, there might not be any symptoms for years and the disease goes into a remission phase. When Chagas makes its come back, it affects the organs that process digestion or the heart e.g difficulty while swallowing, abdomen pain, heart failure, digestion problems, constipation etc. This might eventually lead to sudden death.

Apart from the afore-mentioned diseases, there are many other illnesses that have the potential to become a pandemic. The best way in which these can prevented is by leading a healthy lifestyle and consulting medical help immediately for even the smallest of sicknesses.